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We are in the Saja-Besaya natural park, one of the enclaves with the greatest landscape and ecological value in Cantabria


Parque natural Saja-Besaya

One of the largest wildlife refuges in the country, included in the Saja National Reserve. Forests, rivers, waterfalls ... and countless trails for nature lovers to enjoy.


Bosque de Sequoyas de Cabezón de la Sal

The sequoias of Monte Cabezón were declared a Natural Monument by Decree 41/2003, by virtue of Law 4/1989, of March 27, on the Conservation of Natural Spaces and Wild Flora and Fauna, which provides in its article 10 the possibility of Declare protected certain areas of the national territory that contain outstanding natural elements and systems, thus facilitating the conservation of this exceptional ecosystem.


San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente is one of the best known and most beautiful pictures of the entire Cantabrian Coast. A place of obligatory passage in the communication between Asturias and Cantabria, its geographical location has undoubtedly favored its development as one of the preferred tourist destinations in the region. From the natural point of view, it has a magnificent cast of privileged beaches and a beautiful estuary dotted with intense colors thanks to the innumerable colored boats and boats that we always find in it.


Cueva de Altamira

The Altamira cave is a natural cavity in the rock where one of the most important pictorial and artistic cycles of prehistory is preserved. It is part of the Altamira Cave and Paleolithic Rock Art of the Cantabrian Coast, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.


Parque de la naturaleza de Cabárceno

In the Cabárceno Nature Park, life develops in the most natural environment possible for the animals that inhabit it. Except for the food that is provided to them, the rest of the activities are marked by their almost total freedom and instinct. Practically all of them trigger fights and fights in mating season for control of the females and of course, except for the survival instinct, the rest of their senses are as wild as in their natural habitat.


Bárcena Mayor

In Bárcena Mayor, a Historic-Artistic Complex since 1979, a visit to the church of Santa Maria, from the seventeenth century, the old rectory houses, the popular mountain mansions, with wide sunrooms and arcades opened by ashlar arches, or the rows of two-storey houses, with a porch, a solarium and wooden enclosures, which essentially constitute the most represented image of the mountain settlement model.



The town of Comillas is one of the most emblematic towns in Cantabria and one of the most interesting from an architectural point of view. It has some of the most important modernist buildings in Cantabria, such as the Sobrellano Palace and its Pantheon Chapel, the Pontifical University and of course, El Capricho by the brilliant Catalan architect Gaudí.


Santillana del mar

An essential appointment for the tourist visiting Cantabria. Santillana del Mar is undoubtedly one of the towns with the greatest historical-artistic value in Spain, to the point that everything in it is a monument. Known as "the town of the three lies", since it is neither "holy", nor "flat", nor does it have a "sea", Santillana del Mar is the capital of a municipality of 4,000 inhabitants dedicated mostly to agricultural and livestock activities. , above all, to tourism.


Cueva el Soplao

It is considered a unique cavity worldwide [citation needed] due to the quality and quantity of the geological formations (speleothems) that it houses in its 20 kilometers of total length, although only 4 are open to the public. In it are rare formations such as helíctites (eccentric statalactites that defy gravity) and draperies (translucent sheets or flags hanging from the ceiling). The rocks on which the karst that gives rise to the cave develops date from the Mesozoic, specifically from the Cretaceous period, 240 million years ago.



Santander, capital of the autonomous community of Cantabria, is a cozy and quiet coastal city, with a wide bay facing south whose beauty has made it considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Main port of Castilian exports during the 18th and 19th centuries, it preserves stately streets, witnesses of the splendor of the time.

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